New EUlabel-Service:
Energyefficiency-Labels for Lamps.

lamplabel with DataWith the new addition, you can easily create energy-efficiency-labels according the regulation  874/2012 and also a data label.

On the data label you can display the information according  Regulation 1194/2012 or 244/2009. If bulbs are supplied with the luminaire, the manufacturer must include the original packaging of the lamp in the luminaire’s packaging. If not, the lamp data must be present outside or inside of the luminaire packaging. You can paste our data label outside on the luminaire package.

Onlineshops must present the original label, when they are selling bulbs after 01.01.2015 (Regulation 518/2014). They can now produce the lamp labels via

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Important: EU-Regulation 2015/1428: Changes in EULABEL

Please read this article changes in eulabel

New label-regulations for manufacturers after 1.1.2015

After 01.01.2015 manufacturers of lamps and luminaires are commited to offer all labels on a website. Members of EULABEL can fullfill this new regulation with a link to More Info and examples here

New label-regulations for online shops after  1.1.2015

Until 31.12.2104 online shops could show the original label or the content of the label as text to meet the Reguation 874/2012, After January,1 2015 online shops must show the original label or the label as “nested display” behind an arrow. We have made a package for online shops. With this package can online shops create labels for lamps and luminaires and for all manufacturers.   More Info


Printing energy labels for luminaires – the solution

The print solution for manufacturers

Regulation No. 874/2012 on the energy labeling of electrical lamps and luminaires requires from the lighting manufacturers complex printing in very small quantities presenting a costly organizational problem due to the obligation to supply the labels to the trade. Our print program provides manufacturers with the opportunity to effectively print and supply the labels in every language to customers just-in-time.

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The print solution for the retailers of luminaires

Instead of having to order the labels from many manufacturers, the customers can print out the labels themselves as needed on a color label printer or a common inkjet printer using our online solution.

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