beispiel_5182014The Regulation 518/2014 also allows the nested display of the energy efficiency as an alternative to the direct display of the labels. Unfortunately, the nested display does not work for lumiaires. The green arrow can only point to a unique energy class. But the labels for lights show no clear energy class, but always a range of several energy classes.

We have discussed the problem with the EU authority. Now we get an answer from the Directorate-General for Energy (Energy Efficiency Unit):


The market surveillance authorities of the Member States have agreed on their Rome meeting on the following text:

As the ‘nested display’ referred to in Annex VIII of Regulation 874/2012 (introduced by Regulation 518/2014) is optional, it is possible for dealers to avoid this issue and display the label directly, not using nested display. Given that this may require more screen space (cf. recital 6 of Regulation 518/2014) the option of nested display is nevertheless also available for luminaires. Considering the aim of Regulation 874/2012 for luminaires to drive compatibility with lamps of higher label classes, the nested display image should indicate the highest compatible class of the luminaire. In determining the highest compatible class any indication on the label of built-in non-replaceable LED modules (indicated with a ‘LED’ bracket over classes A++, A+ and A) should be considered as A+, since it is not possible to verify the actual class of the built-in LEDs. The Commission intends to address this issue further in the review of Regulation 874/2012.

This is incorporated in the new version of the FAQ document and published soon on our website.


Online stores can now use the nested display based on this message.

Download Regulation 518/2ß14