In particular, a definition of Regulation 2015/1428 results in an adjustment of the label creation.

The regulation says:

As from stage 3, a luminaire designed for lamps replaceable by the end-user, which is placed on the market, shall be fully compatible with lamps of at least the energy efficiency class “A+” according to Delegated Regulation (EU) No 874/2012. The technical documentation file of such luminaires drawn up for the purposes of conformity assessment in accordance with Article 8 of Directive 2009/125/EC shall list at least one realistic combination of product settings and conditions in which to test the product.

From 1 September luminaires,  that are newly placed on the market, must be + compatible with a light source of the class A+.  If a luminaire must be compatible with A+, the bracket on the Energy-Label must  logically start at least at A.+. So we had to change the data in our database according the regulation 2015/1428.

In an extensive market research we have tried to determine what versions of lamps are available with at least A + on the market from reputable sellers.

For some  special sockets we can’t find a lamp with A+ on the market.

We will therefore examine frequently for these versions in the near future

If you use these bulbs with such sockets, please inform us, when you see an a+ bulb on the market.

The following table provides the information about the changes:

Socket old first class of the bracket new first class of the bracket EEI-Arrow
400 a++ a++ A++
2G10 a++ a A
2G11 a++ a+ A++
2G13 a++ a A
2G7 a+ a+ A+
2GX11 a a A
2GX13 a+ a+ A+
6M b b B
B15D b b B
B22D a a+ A+
BA15D c c C
BA20S c c C
BY22D a++ a+ A++
COB a++ a++ A+
E10 a a A
E14 a++ a++ A++
E27 a++ a++ A++
E40 a++ a++ A++
FA4 c c C
FA6 b b B
FC2 a+ a+ A+
a A
G10Q a a A
G12 a+ a+ A++
G13 a+ a++ A+
A+ A+
G22 a+ a+ A+
G23 a a+ A+
G24 a+ A+
G24D a a+ A+
G24D1 a a+ A+
G24D-1 a a+ A+
G24D-2 a a+ A+
G24D-3 a a+ A+
G24D-3 a+ A+
G24Q a a+ A+
G24Q-1 a a+ A+
G24Q-2 a a+ A+
G24Q-3 a a+ Agunkel
G24Q-4 a a A
G4 a++ a++ A++
G5 a+ a+ A+
G53 a a+ A+
G5.3 a a+ A+
G8.5 a+ a+ A+
G9 a++ a++ A++
G10 a+ a+ A++
G12 a+ a+ A++
GU10 a++ a++ A++
G18 a a A++
GR10Q a a A
GU4 a+ a+ A+
GU5.3 a+ a++ A++
GU6.5 a a+ A+
GX10 a A
GX12-1 b B
GX24D b a+ A+
GX24D-1 b a A
GX24D-2 b a A
GX24D-3 b a+ A+
GX24Q a a A
GX24Q-1 a a A
GX24Q-2 a a A
GX24Q-3 a a+ A+
GX24Q-4 a a A
GX24Q-5 a a A
GX24Q-6 b b B
GX53 a+ a A
GX5.3 a+ a A
GX8.5 a a A
GX10 a b B
GX12-1 b b B
GY4 c c C
GY6.35 a++ a++ A++
GZ4 a a A
GZ10 d a++ D
K12S a+ a+ A+
L c c C
PG12-1 b b B
PG12-2 a+ B
PGJ5 a+ a+ A+
PGX12,2 a+ a+ A+
PGX12.2 a+ a+ A+
PGZ12 a+ a+ D
PK22S d d A+
R7S a++ a++ A++
RX7S a+ a++ A+
S14D a a+ A
S14S a a+ A
S19 a+ a+ A+
T2 b a B
T5 a+ a+ A+
T8 a a A
W4.3 a a A
WT a a A

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retailer: We change our system and all uploaded labelsat 31.08.2016 31.08.2016

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