With EULABEL, label printing will be child’s play. Before printing, you need to modify a few settings in the browser. Please note that we support Internet Explorer 9 and above and the latest versions of Firefox. If you still use Internet Explorer 8 in Windows XP or Microsoft Server 2003, please install the current version of Firefox.

IE11 Header

Open the Tools menu and select Print… – Page Setup

IE11 02

Then choose the following settings

IE11 03

1: Set the margins to zero

2: Uncheck “Enable Shrink-to-Fit”

3. Change all six settings for Headers and Footers to Empty.


Open Page Setup…


In the Format & Options tab, uncheck “Shrink to fit Page Width”


In the Margins & Header/Footer tab

1: Set all the margins to zero
2: Set all six Headers & Footers fields to –blank–

After the registration, you will be directed to the Print programme.

Before printing, you will need to select the type of printer. We support Epson T-MC 3400 or 3500 colour label printers and inkjet or colour laser printers (A4 format).


Select the printer and paper size you want to use. The default paper size for A4 printer is set to T02.
With the help of Firefox or Internet Explorer settings the labels are printed in the right size. Depending on the printer, however, the printed image can slightly shift. You can enter both positive and negative values (including non-integral numbers), and accurately adjust the position of the printed image on paper.