Some manufacturers choose the easy way. They offer their labels as PDF downloads. Is the Regulation considered observed in such case? Can retailers print labels from such PDFs?

The Regulation gives the manufacturer the right to choose the way their labels are provided. They can either provide them printed on paper or in electronic form. Therefore, the provisions of the Regulation are considered observed if the file is made available for download on the website.

Can these downloaded labels be printed using standard PC equipment and an inkjet printer?

We ran some tests using the free Adobe Reader.

  • Printing paper: A4 label sheet, for 2×5 self-adhesive labels.
  • Printer settings: printing 2×5 pages on a single sheet.
  • Labels are printed in reduced size. Height -4 mm, width -3 mm.
  • Labels positioning is wrong, they do not fit the predefined grid.
  • Printers tested: Canon MX 920, Epson Workforce 4535.

Even if one would tolerate the dimensional deviation, printing does not work, because the grid does not fit the die-cut labels and they turn out cropped. It is because printer drivers have no such setting option, the same is about Adobe Reader. We have marked the cut-off area in red color.

Additionally, you may need to combine multiple PDFs in Adobe Reader to print 10 labels. This also does not work. A manufacturer has all their labels bundled in one PDF file, so 10 labels can be printed on a single page. They are positioned incorrectly, however, which also does not work. And who wants to print all the manufacturer’s labels, if they only have 3 luminaires on display?

Conclusion: it does not work well using standard PC equipment. (The same is true with the free label printing programmes of the label manufacturers).

The buck is therefore passed to the dealers. Perhaps, lawyers will eventually clarify whether providing labels in electronic form, but of unsuitable format, complies with the Regulation.

You will not have these problems with the manufacturers who provide their labels with our free programme. The inkjet printer is controlled in such a way that the printing is finished in two mouse clicks.

What do you have to do when it comes to other manufacturers? Let us find it out on the sales representative’s next visit. This will have an impact because the representative will report about the situation to the sales management.