Instructions for printing energy labels

For correct printing you need to modify a few settings in the browser. Please read the First step. If you need help, please use our support form.

After logging in, you will be automatically forwarded to this page.


(1) You can also access this page via menu item “Go to Print Programme”.
(2) A click on the button “Set to go. Print your labels” opens the Print programme.

(1) Select the company whose label you want to print.

(2) Then enter the item number or its name. Once the first two characters of the item number or its name is entered, the computer will suggest a selection. The more characters you enter, the more precise the suggestion list will be. In case of the test company, all part numbers begin with “te”, and the names begin with “Le”. If you want to print multiple copies of a label, change the number to the desired value. Confirm your choice by clicking OK.


(1) To the left you will see the most recently selected label.

(2) By default, labels are printed in portrait orientation. You can switch here to landscape orientation.

(3) Print 

There are three different download options


(1) the entire print job in a PDF file

(2) each label as a separate PDF file

(3) each label as a separate PNG file

Considering the label format foreseen by the Regulation, you can order pre-cut label paper here: