Inkjet/Colour laser printers label formats

The regulation sets out a print area of 50×100 mm (portrait) or 100×50 mm. In addition, labels must be printed in full colour. Hence, one can also use these printers for label printing. Most inkjet printers can handle such cardboard papers.

The labels are supplied unprinted by our technology partner

The following label formats are available for inkjet/colour laser printers:


Label size 105×51 mm
Forms of delivery:

Permanent adhesive matte
# 2309825  100 sheets #a 10 labels,
for portrait or landscape printing
Package 6.16 € (0.6 c)

Micro-perforated cardboard 185g
# 2309843  100 sheets #a 10 labels,
for portrait printing with hanging hole
Package 11.99 € (1.2 c)

A hanging cord can be ordered additionally.

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