Basic information

The regulation requires a print area of 100 mm in height and 50 mm in width (portrait) or 50 mm in height and 100 mm in width (landscape) in four-color print.

Thus, the thermal transfer label printers frequently used in business can be ruled out.

In addition to printing on label paper, the programme provides electronic versions that can be selected as print templates for your online shop or catalog.

Four-color label printer

Four-color label printers are manufactured by Epson, Primavera or Zebra. The latter two printers are rather expensive. We therefore recommend the affordable printers Epson TM-C3400 or TM-C 3500. TM-C 3500 has individual ink tanks. Epson TM-C 3400 is currently (9/2013) the most affordable on the market.

The ink for Epson printers is water and smudge resistant. For special cases, a variety of label materials can be used for printing in addition to self-adhesive or cardboard labels. The price of a label printed with colour label printers ranges between 2-2.5 cents (paper+ink cost), which is considerably cheaper than printing with an inkjet or a colour laser printer.

Other colour label printer should also work normally if they have a Windows printer driver. If you want to use another colour label printer, please contact us at ( We will clarify that to the best of our ability.

Inkjet printers/Colour laser printers

We also support these printers for label printing using standard printer drivers. Depending on the paper guide, difficulties with cardboard papers may arise. Using these types of printers, you can print on A4 format paper and cut or chip the labels out.


Supported printers

Supported browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9 or above
  • Safari 6 or above
  • Firefox 20 or above
  • Google Chrome 30 or above

Supported operating systems

The Epson printer drivers support Windows XP or above,

if properly installed, inkjet and colour laser printers should also work.